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Body Treatments

Experience Prana's Aromatic Fusion Massage, which combines traditional body touch techniques such as Swedish, reflexology and deep tissue manipulation, which will rejuvinate, relax and sooth you, bringing balance to your body, melting away tension and fatigue. Gentle/Medium/Strong
30 minutes R400  60 minutes R660  90 minutes R100  120 minutes R1320

Herbal Steam followed by a Body Scrub and a Body Wrap with Aromatic Herbs and Spices and Relaxing Massage which helps to detoxify, sooth and nourish your skin and open up the flow of energy, relieving body tension. Gentle/Medium/Strong
2 hours & 30 minutes R1320

Indulge in a foot soak and foot scrub followed by relaxing foot massage, which relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function and healing of your body.
30 minutes R400  60 minutes R660

Loosen up tired and stressed muscles and relieve tension in your head, neck, shoulders and upper back, easing chronic aches and pains, which will enhance your well-being and revitalize your energy. No oil. Gentle/Medium/Strong
30 minutes R400  60 minutes R660

A holistic lower leg and foot treatment together with arm and hand treatment and includes a gentle exfoliation and relaxing pressure point massage, using aromatic oils. Hot herbal compresses are used to enhance the massage and aids of penetration of the deeply nourishing ingredients. 
60 minutes R660

Facial Massage

Virgin Coconut Oil Facial massage is the ultimate skin overhaul and will restore elasticity and softness, combat aging and promote a healthy glow.
60 minutes R720 - 75 minutes R880

In-depth cleansing specific to your skin type based on the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: Your Skin? Bright and soft. Your face? Radiant. Your feeling? Clear and energetic. Beginning with warm herbal compresses; a gentle massage stimulating the lymphatic system; peeling; cleansing with cupping glasses and deep cleansing – followed by a tonifying facial pack, a peel-off mask and the daily care specific to your skin. For a visibly fresher complexion and vital radiance.
50 minutes R880


The TEAM DR JOSEPH method for men. Powerful, natural, effective: Skin diagnostics; a massage stimulating the lymphatic system; warm herbal compresses; peeling; deep cleansing; special serum; an intensive mask with facial massage and finally, individual daily skin care. Natural high-tech power for a powerful and well-groomed appearance.
50 minutes R880


Fusion Aromatic Oil Massage
Breakfast or Lunch
60 minute treatment time R950

Fusion Aromatic Oil Massage 
Coconut Oil Facial Massage
2-hour treatment time R1250

Fusion Aromatic Oil Massage
Coconut Oil Facial Massage 
Light Meal from our Spa Menu
2 hours R1600

Fusion Aromatic Oil Massage
Reflexology Foot Massage
1 hour 30 minutes R940

Breakfast or Lunch
Jacuzzi, steam shower or sauna
Detox body scrub
Herbal Body Wrap
Fusion Aromatic Oil Massage
3 hours R1720 per person

Fruit and a light snack on arrival
Prana Foot Scrub
Herbal body experience: herbal steam followed by a body
exfoliation and a body wrap with aromatic herbs & spices.
Light lunch
Fusion Aromatic Oil Massage
Virgin Coconut Oil facial massage
7 hours R3000 per person

60-minute Full body Aromatherapy Massage
The use of hydro facilities
A Cocktail at the Prana Pool Lounge
4-course dinner in our fine dining restaurant
2 Hours R 1200 per person

Specialised Packages

Enjoy a relaxing Couples Massage in our signature treatment room. 

Foot Scrub followed by a Fusion Aromatic Oil Massage 
Jacuzzi, steam shower or sauna are optional 
60 minutes treatment time R1520 per couple

Prana Foot Scrub
Prana Coconut Oil Massage
Coconut Oil facial massage 
2 hours R1250

Prana Foot Scrub
Fusion Hot Oil Massage
After Sun Coconut Oil Facial Massage
2 hours treatment time  R1250

Specialised Treatments

Offered by guest therapist Zanele Bosch from Philani Natural Health.   Treat yourself to specialized massage, which relieves pain in joints, ligaments, spine and Muscles.

This Manual Therapy has successfully treated back pain, arthritis migraines, scoliosis and other skeletal & muscular linked discomforts.

Available on request, subject to avaiability.

60 minutes R820
90 minutes R1200

Information & Spa Ethiquette

To all the guests visiting Prana Lodge Wellness Spa, kindly note the following to assist us in providing you the highest level of service possible.

Reservations at the Prana Lodge wellness spa are essential. To book please call
+27 43 7045100 or alternatively email info@pranalodge.co.za

Opening Hours Daily
08h00 to 18h00

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your treatment time in order to complete your check-in process and familiarize yourself with the beautiful surroundings.

Prana Lodge Wellness Centre Attire
Please note that towels, robes and slippers will be provided for use during your visit.
Please bring along your swim wear if you have booked any of our wellness centre hydro facilities (Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna).

Check-in Process
A member of our Wellness Spa staff will speak with you privately during check-in about any previous medical history or current health issues to insure that health and beauty treatments enhance your opportunity to relax, indulge and enjoy being pampered in luxury.
Please alert our staff if you have muscle or joint soreness, have had a recent surgery, have high blood pressure, are pregnant, or have allergies to anything that might affect you during your visit to the Wellness Centre. If you have any queries or concerns please let us know.

Massage is not recommended for certain people:
  • If you have an infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds.
  • If you have bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumours, abdominal hernia, massages is not advised for areas that have had recent fractures.
  • Immediately after surgery.
  • Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor.
  • If you are prone to blood clots, as there is a risk of blood clots being dislodged.
  • If you are pregnant, your massage should only be done by a massage therapists who is qualified in pregnancy massage
Guests of Prana Lodge wellness spa with previous or current medical challenges such as cancer, heart disease/problems, high blood pressure, asthma, claustrophobia or ladies who are pregnant are advised to seek advice from their medical practitioner before booking any treatment at the Prana Lodge wellness centre.

Prana Lodge Wellness Centre Etiquette
  • Kindly keep noise levels in and around the Wellness Centre to a strict minimum in order to allow all guests to enjoy their Wellness Centre experience.
  • Please ask your massage therapist to adjust the pressure of your massage at any time during your treatment according to your individual needs and preferences.
  • Kindly keep mobile phones switched OFF when in and around the Wellness Centre facilities.
  • The Wellness Centre welcomes young adults over the age of 16. Regrettably, visitors under the age of 16 will not be permitted in or around the facilities.
  • Please respect the strict No Smoking policy in and around the Wellness Centre facilities and Treatment Pavilions.
  • Please leave jewellery, watches, money, credit cards and other valuables at home or safely stored in the safe in your Suite before you arrive at the Wellness Centre.
  • We kindly request that credit card information is provided at the time your health or beauty treatment is booked.
  • Gratuities are not included in the treatment price. It is at your discretion to add a gratuity, which is recommended between 10% and 20%.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

Late Arrival Policy
Please note that a late arrival will result in your treatment time being adjusted accordingly, and a full treatment fee will be charged.

Cancellation Policy
Guests who wish to cancel an appointment are kindly requested to provide at least 24 hours advanced notice or the full cost of the treatment fee will be automatically charged to their credit card. Should a guest wish to change the time of an appointment, we request 24 hours? notice be given or a penalty will be charged. In the event that guests completely miss their appointment, the full cost of the treatment fee will automatically be charged to their credit card.

Prana Lodge Bar and Restaurant
Guests are invited to make use of our bar and restaurant facilities to enhance and compliment their Wellness Centre experience. Booking is essential.
In as much as we do take necessary precautionary measure in ensuring the saftey of our guests and their valuables, Prana Lodge and Prana Lodge Wellness Spa are not responsible for any theft, damage, loss or misfortune that may occur.